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Recording Secretary

Resident Imam Masjid Al Haqq

687 Springfield Avenue

Newark, New Jersey 07103


Abdul Kareem Muhammad is the Resident Imam and Chairman of Trustees Consultative Committee of Masjid Al-Haqq, and Direct of Education of Clara Muhammad School, Newark, N.J

Abdul Kareem Muhammad is a former Dean of Brothers, Teacher, Vice Principal, and Principal of Muhammad University of Islam and Clara Muhamad School System.

Abdul Kareem Muhammad was also a Minister in the Nation of Islam under the Leadership of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, and is a student of Qur’an, Al-Islam, Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.s.), and supporter of Imam W. Deen Muhammad (raa).

Abdul Kareem Muhammad is a graduate of Saint Augustine’s University, Raleigh, N.C, where he earned a BA Degree in Education.

Abdul Kareem Muhammad is on the Community Advisory Board of City National Bank and was instrumental in the Historic and Landmark Partnership of the Council of Imams and City National Bank.

Abdul Kareem Muhammad was the first African American appointed to position of Chaplaincy Supervisor for the State of N.J. Department of Corrections where he specialized in Individualized Pastoral, Crisis, Behavioral Modification and Anger Management Counseling.

Abdul Kareem Muhammad is the Recording Secretary for the Councils of Imams, Community Trustees Committee, and Halal Certifying Agency. He is also Recording Secretary for the Imams Council of Newark, and a member of the Mayor’s Office of Clergy Affairs and Alliances.

Abdul Kareem Muhammad is married to Kareemah Muhammad for over forty years, and is Co-Founder of K&A Associates Enterprises LLC and New Africa Economic Development Group, LLC.

Abdul Kareem Muhammad performed Hajj in 2003 and is the recipient of numerous honors, awards, plaques, certificates and citations for Community Services.

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