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Interim Resident Imam at Masjid

Masjid Al-Hadi

9 Broad Street

Elizabeth, NJ 07201

Imam A. Rahman is currently the Interim Resident Imam at Masjid Al-Hadi in Elizabeth, New Jersey.
Raised in Brooklyn, NY and Newark, NJ. Graduate of South Side High School, Newark, NJ.
Attended 2 years at Essex County College, Newark, NJ. Joined the Nation of Islam in 1968 at Temple #25 in Newark, NJ and became Howard 7X.
He took the Shahadatain in 1976 and became Imam A. Rahman Muhammad. He made Hajj in 1980 while he worked under the leadership of Imam W. D. Mohammed. He was also instructed by Imam Osman Shah, Imam Muhammad Armiya Nu’Man, Imam Yunis Ali, Imam Abid Hasan, Imam Hussain Shabazz and Minister James Shabazz and a host of others.
Forty Two years ago He married his Beloved Wife and Business Partner, “Queen” Kim Jenkins-Martin Muhammad. Imam Rahman has an Extensive and Extended Family and his love and leadership reaches the hearts of many of his dear friends and well wishers. Prophet Muhammad-PBUH- In reference to Knowledge he said: "To be present in an assembly of a learned man or woman is better than visiting 100 sick people or attending 1000 funerals"

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