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The Council of Imams in New Jersey provides number of programs to support the legacy of leadership of Imam Warith Deen Mohammed (RA). These programs are listed below:

On Dec 9, 2019, Imam Wahy-ud Deen Shareef (Imam Masjid Waarith Ud Deen and Convener of the Council of Imams In NJ) joined Farhana Khera of Muslim Advocates and other American Muslim community leaders in a meeting today with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi where they discussed anti-Muslim bigotry, the Muslim Ban, the NO BAN Act and more.

Muslim Advocates  #pressrelease of today's meeting.…


Imam Shareef presented her with the following books:

1. Al-Qur'an

2. After Difficulty. Insights of W. Deen Mohammed by Ronald B. Shaheed

3. Lost Found: the African American's journey to Al-Islam by Shareef Nasir

Also, stay tuned for Imam Wahy-ud Deen Shareef Commentary on today's event in an upcoming article in the Muslim Journal 

Ayesha K Mustafaa


The Council of Imams in

New Jersey

Community News Letter:

Provide Islamic 

Education and Propagation

Salaat as an institution, establishment thereof

Zakaat as an institution, the payment, collection and disbursement thereof

From Dusk To Dawn

His Legacy Lives

The Honorable Master Elijah Muhammad

A Social Reformer and Liberator

Ramadan as an 

institution, the 

observances and 

activities thereof

Imams’ and Leadership Training Institute

Hajj as an institution, organize and lead the performance thereof

Media Commentary and Literature (represent, write and publish)

Ta’leems & Intra-Faith Assemblies (participate and host)

Inter-Faith Assemblies (participate and host)

Savior Day, Heritage Day, Juneteenth, New Africa, Patriot’s Day

City National Bank Partnership

The Council of Imams In New Jersey (CIINJ) and City National Bank (CNB), an African-American owned Community Bank headquartered in Newark, NJ signed a historic Memorandum of Understanding Agreement forming a Partnership which establishes New Africa Community Service Accounts for individual members and an Economic Development Fund for community development programs, projects and initiatives.

For more background information about this historic agreement, click here:

Peace Rally.png

A Matter of Faith

Five Year Strategic Plan

Towards Sustain Community Development

The Council of Imams in New Jersey (CIINJ) is an assembly of Imam representing the Islamic Community supporting the legacy of leadership of Imam Warith Deen Mohammed (RA).

The CIINJ is formed to conduct Mutual Consultation for the purpose of addressing the current and future circumstances impacting the lives of those whom they represent. The CIINJ serves to shape and implement actions that provide continuous improvement of the Muslim Community while simultaneously establishing a safe, whole and balanced society on the foundation of faith in G-d and human excellence.

The areas of Council focus and representation are as follows:

  • Family Life & Well Being

  • Business & Economic Development

  • Education & Technology

  • Dawah

  • Organizational Development

  • Government/Politics

  • Communication

  • Culture

In keeping with this focus the CIINJ would like to take this opportunity to outline our proposed “Five Year Strategic Plan Towards Sustain Community Development” (Plan). The Plan goals and objectives are as follows:

Family Life & Well Being:

a. Matrimonial – Develop and maintain a website dedicated to preserving the sacred family life connections among the members of our Association.

Business & Economic Development:

a. W.D.M. HAF Civic Association – To begin discussions with the membership of our Association and present a plan that offers general in the “League of the Honest”, that would have as it primary aim, goal and objective, the protection and establishment of justice (Political and Economic) in our Association as well as other tangible benefits including a death benefit as part of your membership.

b. Call Center

Creating a training facility for fund raising, business telemarketing initiatives, accounts receivable and collections.

Education & Technology:

a. Masjid Websites

Each Masjid will have an independent website that will be accessible via hype link from the CINJ website.


a. Newsletter

Opportunity for the Counsel of Imams of New Jersey to disseminate news keeping the local Islamic Community up to date on events and issues. Issued monthly.

Organizational Development:

a. Security Proposal - The Nonprofit Security Grant Program (NSGP) provides funding to organizations, as described under section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, at high risk of terrorist attacks and located within designated areas of New Jersey.

Eligible 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations must utilize funding for the purchase and installation of security equipment on property owned or leased by the nonprofit organization. Equipment is limited to select items contained within categories 14 and 15 on FEMA's Authorized Equipment List; they include CCTV, card access readers, blast film, lighting, fencing, and bollards.

As a condition of accepted funds, the nonprofit organization must complete the Environmental and Historical Preservation Screening Form, which the federal government requires.

b. Suggestion Box

Government/Civic Responsibility:

a. Office of Islamic Affairs

Office space to receive dignitaries, Political and Religious leaders.


a. Communications Coordinator




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