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Corresponding Secretary

Imam Masjid Ash'Shifaa

United Muslim Inc.

922 Bergen Street

Newark, New Jersey

Imam Earl B. Siddiq, of Masjid Ash’Shifaa / United Muslim Inc., 922 Bergen Street, Newark, NJ.

He is a believer in the Universality of G’D’s last messenger and our prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.)

He works with the Resident Imam Aqeel Mateen, and Imam Saleem Sharif.

He is, An Inspector, with the: Council of Imams in New Jersey Halal Certifying And Regulatory Board.

He is a “New Africa Trustee Board Member” in partnership with “City National Bank in Newark, N. J., a Black owned and operated Bank.

He is a caller to the faith of Al-Islam, common sense and the development of community life / economic life!

And he is an active member of that dedicated group who will build-insha’Allah a brand new Masjid in Newark, N.J., Masjid Ash’Shiffa, from the ground up!!!

He is a proud associate and Student of Imam Warith Deen Mohammed.

He is the Corresponding Secretary for the Council of Imams in New Jersey.

May G’d’s peace be upon us all.

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